I've  lived in WashPA since 2008 with my family.

Three themes have been constant in my work:

       1) plants 2) community 3) outside

I love getting folks outside to learn about the things that surround us...curiosity and a willingness to try are all you need! 

See you outside,


Pam - Outdoor Education

Jean - Yoga

Among many other things, Jean is a naturalist, clean water advocate, and Yoga Instructor. Jean's Yoga sessions are fabulous for anyone interested in a guided, gentle, and effective practice. 


Jean's positive nature and humor offer a much needed refuge from the daily grind!

Summer - Yoga


In 2017 earned my 200 hour (yoga Instructor) training through Jenn Ferris-Glick at Illume (formerly Exhale) Pittsburgh.  My classes are generally based on a theme (i.e. heart opening, cultivating sattva, etc...) gentle, mindful, and restorative. My goal is that you leave class feeling centered, opened, and connected.

I am also a wife and mom, a Reiki Master, and a deep lover of Nature and Ayurveda. My hobbies include reading, cooking, hiking/wandering, cold plunging, hot sauna-ing, and exploring. I hold my amazing unfolding life with profound reverence and gratitude. Many blessings!         ~Summer


Anna - Yoga

Anna is a professional dancer and Artistic Director of Allegro Dance Company in Washington, PA. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from West Virginia University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from Slippery Rock University and is a certified Pilates and RYT200 yoga instructor. 

With an extensive background in dance, practicing yoga and Pilates has helped Anna stay grounded and centered. Building a healthy foundation throughout her life, movement has always fed her mind, body, and spirit. She enjoys traveling and exploring new cities where she is consistently learning new skills. 

Known for her fun and energetic personality, Anna's classes provide students with a refreshed, yet energized feeling. Sometimes blending inspiring music with calming guided meditations, she creates an atmosphere to explore movement with confidence. Her yoga flow classes will allow you to gain strength, balance, and body awareness. 

Her professional choreography and research work has taken her around the world. Anna advises, “No matter where the road leads you, yoga is a journey that elevates and allows you to keep discovering what you can achieve. Join me and roll out your yoga mat to a place where exploration is endless.”

Dorothy - Tai Chi

Dorothy was Pennsylvania Overall Karate Champion in 2003. She spent the next five years studying in Beijing, China with the world’s best tai chi practitioners and researchers. She holds a teaching certificate from Beijing Sports University in the closely allied field of Qi Gong. Since her return to the US in 2008, she has taught tai chi and qi gong to students of all ages. In as little as one hour, she puts students in touch with their bodies’ energy, the energy that influences healing, mood and wellness. She is also a practitioner of cellular expansion healing, has studied reiki and cranial sacral therapy, and is currently a member of a Power of 8 healing group.  While she explains the martial aspect of every move, the emphasis in class is on using the body’s energy for healing purposes.

Sophia - Journaling Workshops

I am a sophomore at Trinity High School. I  lead Nature Journaling workshops at Washington Park because I want to help people appreciate and learn about the natural world. I do this by sharing my knowledge to provide participants with the means to learn and appreciate nature personally. Also, holding these workshops allows me to gain more experience in teaching others, something I have done before by giving violin lessons.

I like to birdwatch, play instruments, and do various outside activities, such as hiking and kayaking, in my free time. At Washington Park I enjoy walking my dog Bear, birdwatching, and skateboarding. One of my goals in life is to attain a career in ornithology, which led me to taking online courses with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. One of these courses is Nature Journaling; this course inspired me to share the joy of nature journaling with others.


Lauren - Birding

Lauren is a self-taught naturalist. Inspired to learn bird i.d. to better help her son's scout troop with a merit badge, she knows bird songs & calls like nobody's business! She also shares her beautiful, hand-drawn renderings of birds and landscape photos in Washington Park, and is always willing to lend her expertise from years of keen field observation and collaboration with local naturalists.

Anna - Fiber Arts


Anna is studying Environmental Science at Washington & Jefferson College. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, studying, and figure skating. Her goal is to become a textile scientist, helping to contribute to the global effort to produce more environmentally sustainable textiles. Anna leads weaving and fiber art workshops and has a contagious smile, even while wearing a mask!

Drew & Jessie

Farm Partners

Drew & Jessie provide our Fall Hayrides and also share their Ross Family Farm sheep to help us "mow" grass,  reducing the need for air and noise polluting mowers. 

We may have a flock visiting us in the park

on any given day ~

just look for these signs:

Sayre - Birding

Sayre has been birding in Washington County for over thirty years. In his other life, he’s an English professor and has managed to combine both interests in a forthcoming book on birds in eighteenth-century literature.